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Welcome traveller, to the Kingdom of Altreas within the lands of Elsewhere!

Rebirth of the Sapphire Aeon:

Altreas is alive in full once more, as beneath the rulership of both Lord Talon Darkligher and his Valheru Queen, Zephyr-Xternal Darklighter, the kingdom has greatly prospered. Those who wish to tread here, visit, or otherwise, make note of all we give thee, and respect the boundaries.

Rules of Play: Guidelines for role playing in Altreas. Please note these are subject to random additions and revisions, so check back on occassion!

Layout of the Kingdom - no information available yet.

Stylaxian Elves - general information - no information available yet.

Character Profiles - Submit one! Click the link for information on how. :)

The Kingdom of Altreas and Stylaxian elves are Crescent Inc. (ps: remove antispam to contact)

Questions, comments, gripes, email me at: "remove antispam."

Page Created: June 6, 2001
Last Updated: July 12, 2001