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Rules of Play
In the Kingdom of Altreas

Autoing: This type of play is absolutely not allowed, unless you are given expressed permission by the player of the other character(s) involved, or the Game Masters/Founders of the Altreas board. This goes for the NPC (Non-Player Characters) of Altreas, ie. the general Stylaxian population - it is absolutely forbidden to auto them without permission from a GM/Founder. For those of you who don't understand this term, it's having your character actioned/played by someone else.

Godmoding: Not allowed. If you play a god/goddess or demi-god/goddess and you make an appearance in the Altrean kingdom (and those allied with Altreas), you can be killed in your physical state. As well, you will have no influence upon the general populous - so don't even try it, do so and you will be laughed at.

Cybering: We the Founders of Altreas, kindly ask that you take your personal moments of love-making, mating, and/or blatent sexual acts, and keep them to yourselves. If you feel you must place such encounters on our boards, then have the sensability and responsibility to not be vulgar. 06/17/01 - Rev. 0

General Play:We, the founders of Altreas, ask that you play fair and take hits at least some of the time. If you wish to stage a war against the Stylaxians, at this time that is not permissible as we have no map which shows terrain layout. Violence in Altreas is not permitted, as the Stylaxian elves will fiercely guard their beloved homeland, just as they did during the time of the Purges. Cataclysmic events are not allowed by non-founder players, unless permission has been granted by the founders. If you wish to have a character based in Altreas, you will need to gain permission and have a background worked out. Those of you who wish to settle in Altreas, you will need to gain permission from the King, Talon Darklighter, or the Queen, Zephyr-Xternal Darklighter, in an actual role play setting.

Disclaimer: These rules are subject to revision at any time, you are asked to adhear to them, as well as check back every month or so in order to keep up to date on any changes which have been made. Thank you for your intrest and enjoy your playing!

~Join the fun!~

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Page Created: June 6, 2001
Last Update: June 24, 2001